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September 09, 2021

Are Smart Locks Worth It In Gainesville

Have you thought about improving your locks? In the past, you needed to stick with ordinary keyed locks. However, if you seek the latest in technology, you should install a smart locking solution that will link into your ADT security system.

One question: Are smart locks worth it in Gainesville? Or will you be wasting your hard-earned money on overly complicated products?

Traditional Locks Vs. Smart Locks in Gainesville

When it comes to door locks, you will find a multitude of possibilities. With that in mind, you will discover most entry doors are protected by either a deadbolt and handle lock combination, a keypad system, or a smart locking system. Turn the key on a standard deadbolt, and a metal bolt extends into the strike plate that is attached to the wooden frame. The bolts can be a door handle lock that’s spring-loaded, which will make the door more of a challenge to break open with a a crowbar or other device. If you don't want to trouble yourself with an ordinary keyed entry, you can install a touch-pad solution that activates the bolt through a 3-4 button pin code.

Smart locks are interlinked systems that serve as a modern substitution for your ordinary deadbolt and door handle. Like a push-button deadbolt, you use a numerical PIN to unlock your doors. But with a smart lock, you will be able to link up to your Wi-Fi or your comprehensive home security to add even more features. By using a smartphone app, you have the ability to:

● Lock and unlock doors remotely

● Set customized PIN numbers for family members and friends

● Receive text alerts in the event the door lock is opened

● Set temporary entry codes for visitors

When Are Smart Locks Worth It In Gainesville?

If you just want to use one or two smart locks as substitutes for ordinary locks, you may or may not think they are worth it. It might be nice to operate your locks from work, but the brand and model are important factors in how reliable they will be. When installing a single solution not integrated to your security, make sure that your smart lock uses the latest encryption standards and has a smartphone app that gets regular updates.

But keep in mind, the real advantage of a smart locking system is experienced if you connect it to your home security system. This creates the ability of having your locks communicate with other security devices to enhance your protection while adding convenience to your daily routine. For example, when your video doorbell senses a person proceeding toward your front porch, your smart locks can click shut automatically. You might also use a geotracking feature on your smartphone security app and have your doors automatically unlock when you turn onto your driveway. You can even set off an alarm if a visitor tries to punch in an invalid code numerous times.

When you weigh the benefits, a smart lock is worth it in Gainesville if it’s connected to your home security system!

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